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Germany Citizenship Test 2019

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Mobile applications

Here is a list of my Apps currently available for download. All of them are built on high quality code which ensures performance, stability and security. Don't forget to leave a review after downloading. For business inquiries contact me thorugh one of the options on the contact page.



Play Store Downloads


active Apps on Google Play


Why to decide

for my applications?


All data that is being sent between server and client is encrypted and also will be saved by using advanced hashing algorithms.

Built with Flutter

I use Flutter for development because of the advantage to export one codebase to multiple platforms like Web, iOS, Android or Windows.


I make my applications very intuitive and at the same time feature-rich to be understood and used by everyone with pleasure.

Android ROM development

I compiled several ROMs like dotOS, LineageOS and ResurrectionRemix for the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 and Samsung Galaxy J7 2015.

NOTE: ROM development is currently paused. Don't expect any updates in near future.